A porn star bit a policeman while trying to escape the clutches of authorities following a cocaine-fuelled car collision. Roma Lawson, 34, sparked a wild chase after crashing into a van and running away half-naked from coppers, leading police on a 90-minute-long manhunt until she could be tracked down.

Ms Lawson, who performs as Romana Ryder, was arrested on suspicion of drug-driving after her car crashed in Margate, Kent.

She then failed a roadside drugs test, and police began to drive her to the police station in the back of their car. 

The porn star secretly undid her seatbelt during the journey, and then waited for the car to stop, KentOnline reported.

When it did she launched herself between the officers in the front of the car, leading to a scuffle in which one officer grabbed her leg to prevent her escape – but succeeded only in pulling her trousers off. 

Prosecutor Eleanor Scott-Davies told Canterbury Crown Court: “Miss Lawson was at large, at around midday, naked from the waist down.”

Leaving her trousers behind, Ms Lawson ran through the streets of Margate in broad daylight until she managed to reach a friend’s home. Within 90 minutes, police tracked her down and took her to hospital – from which she also repeatedly tried to escape.

Several officers had to restrain her when she tried sprinting towards the doors, following which she lunged at a policewoman and bit her thigh.

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Ms Lawson later admitted to escaping from lawful custody and assaulting an emergency worker. 

She has ten previous convictions, including common assault, robbery and possession of cocaine.

Her defence lawyer Kieran Brand said her “chaotic lifestyle” was the result of volatile relationships, family tragedy and cocaine addiction.

He said Ms Lawson showed remorse towards the officer she had bitten, adding she wanted to hand her a letter explaining she “had no reason to assault her”.

She was given an eight month prison sentence, suspended for a year-and-a-half.

Judge Catherine Brown told her: “Biting is something someone completely out of control does.”

Judge Brown added to Ms Lawson she was under the influence of cocaine when she attacked the officer in May last year but has since shown a “prospect of rehabilitation”.

She was ordered to complete 20 probation days and pay £100 compensation.



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