A sex worker who was nicknamed “Miss Piggy” after her nose was bitten off in a fight has been jailed for nearly four years for threatening to stab an Uber driver with a dirty syringe. Manchester Crown Court heard Louise Dean, 43, got into Mohammed Dara’s stationary private hire vehicle in the early hours of December 1, 2019, in the Walkden area of Greater Manchester. Dean then chased a terrified Mr Dara around the vehicle before fleeing with his watch and just £30 in cash.

The court heard she told a “disgraceful pack of lies” after claiming she approached him in an attempt to retrieve some non-paid fees she was owed for a sexual liaison, but police later found no evidence of contact with the victim on her phone.

Mr Dara no longer works as an Uber driver and is currently undergoing therapy for depression following the terrifying ordeal. During a hearing at Manchester Crown Court Dean, of Weaste, Salford admitted robbery and was jailed for three years and nine months.

James Worsford, prosecuting, told the court: “He was about to collect his final fare when he noticed the defendant’s car parked up behind his in the street and then saw her get out and walk towards him.

“She opened the door and got in the victim’s stationary vehicle despite his protestations that he already had a pre-arranged booking and that she had to get out.

“Once in the car she pulled a syringe and started making stabbing motions towards the victim. The victim noticed that the syringe had a metal tip and was dirty. She threatened to stab him if he did not pay her money.

“The victim managed to get out of his vehicle and initially she remained inside, looking for his earnings. But she then stepped outside the car and started to chase the defendant around the car. The victim suffers from restricted mobility due to his asthma and replacement hip and so was quickly caught up by the defendant.”

He continued: “During the chase, the victim’s watch came loose and dropped to the floor. It was quickly taken by the defendant. She began to threaten him again with the syringe and ask for money. The victim volunteered £30 from his wallet, saying that it is all he had. The defendant then took it and ran off.

“The victim then got back in his car and actually completed his last fare, which took him to Warrington. But following that he reported the incident to police.”

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“All of this did not help his resulting depression. He has sought help and therapy but his treatment is ongoing.”

Dean already has five other offences on her record, including a conviction for affray in 2018 in which she served an eight-month prison sentence.

Counsel Thomas James said in mitigation to the court: “In 2021 Ms Dean was subject to a brutal attack by another female, who bit her nose off and was left with permanent facial disfigurement.

“Her family situation has collapsed and she is no longer welcome among them. Her estrangement meant she has lived in various hostels and temporary accommodation. She is currently taking medication for depression and is diagnosed with anxiety. She has suffered much trauma in her life.

“She doesn’t’ recall much from the incident that night although she is very upset to hear about what has happened to the victim and feels remorse.”

Judge John Potter told Dean: “You may express remorse now but in your police interview you told a shocking disgraceful pack of lies designed to further demean your victim.

“That was an appalling lie bluntly adding insult to an earlier injury. Naturally, Mr Dara heard the allegations put against him and this lead him into further anguish. He has since had to give up driving after four years on the job. In fact, the fare he took last night proved to be his last.

“The victim’s torment only ended at the very last moment when you pleaded guilty. I accept that you live a chaotic lifestyle which would make you vulnerable but none of this provides any excuse for what you did to Mr Dara.”

Last year mother of three Claire Bold, 38, was jailed for six years for biting off Dean’s nose.



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