A forensic expert has warned Nicola Bulley could have “wandered off” after new information from the police shared she was struggling with “vulnerabilities”. Peter Faulding, who led his search team in scouring the river bed in search of the missing mum-of-two, said his team had not been informed that Nicola had been struggling with problems with alcohol brought on by the menopause.

It was revealed that Nicola had been classed as a “high-risk” person after her disappearance, with police later divulging further information.

Peter Faulding had previously questioned their theory that the 45-year-old had fallen in the river but now concedes she “could have ended up in the sea” if she “had jumped in, intended to take her own life or walk off”.

He had previously said that if Nicola had ended up in the river her body would have been found. And he had said it was “impossible”‘ that her body made it to the sea, reported Lancashire Live.

Mr Faulding said he was told none of the information about her issues with alcohol when he arrived at the scene despite being briefed each day.

Mr Faulding said if Nicola had wandered back through the gate where her dog Willow was found and to the bridge – a CCTV blindspot – “she could’ve literally wandered off and no one would have seen her”.

The underwater forensics expert went on to question if there is other information being withheld by the police.

“Do they know something else again that they are not telling us?” he said. “Is there another snippet of information here that actually we don’t know?”

Since leaving the search last Wednesday, Mr Faulding has offered to return and use his expertise for a land search, but said he hasn’t heard from the police. He said: “My offer is open to Lancashire Police but I’ve had no communication with Lancs Police since we left.

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“Our phone has been quiet. I’m not ringing them because I don’t want to interfere but we have had no contact at all.

“We left the scene, that was job done. We did what we’d been tasked with,” he added. He went on to criticise the police for giving out the information publicly at all. From my point of view…this information should never have been made public this afternoon at all. It’s not fair,” Mr Faulding said.

“If we were given that information on the search, she is a vulnerable ‘misper’, which is normal for me to get that information, and she’s had alcohol issues etcetera, I’m not going to tell you.

“If I’m told to keep quiet I keep it between us. Our whole approach to the media may have been different from day one.”



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