While Shilpa says that Gulki has become popular because of her (the controversy), the latter says that her co-actor stirred up a hornet’s nest to remain in the limelight
Shilpa Shinde joined the cast of Maddam Sir for a cameo three weeks ago. While her track has ended, a controversy has erupted between her and Gulki Joshi, the show’s lead actress. It all began when Shilpa, in an interview, had said, “Chaapne ka kaam ho raha tha show mein (the unit was functioning like a factory), and the actors seemed disinterested since the show was ending soon”. When Gulki was asked about this in an interview, she said, “The audience is the best judge. I think there are two kinds of people in this world. One who thrives on positivity and the other who thrives on negativity… you know who is what.”

It didn’t end here. Shilpa soon put up a video mocking Gulki and her co-actor Sonali Naik. In the video, Shilpa said, “Teen saal tumhara show itna ganda hota toh Shilpa Shinde tum logon ke show mein aati kya? Tum logon ko khush hona chhaiye ki koi achhi cheez ho rahi hai. Obviously, tum logon ko fame ke baare mein kya pata hai, kyunki tumne kya dekha hai. Chhaapo kaam ho raha tha, aap logon ki jo jalan dikh rahi thi, aap set pe nahi aate the aapke duplicate ke saath kaam ho raha tha, show band ho raha hai isliye aap logon ka attitude jo tha, woh sachhai bolne se aapko takleef hui?” She further added that their monthly paycheck is her per day fee and her presence in the show boosted the ratings of the show.

Gulki and Shilpa in a still from Maddam Sir

We spoke to both actresses about their ongoing fight. And here’s what they had to say…

Shilpa Shinde: Who is Gulki Joshi and what has she done in her career?
Shilpa said, “One day, I wasn’t shooting and there were rumours that I have left the show. Who spread these rumours? Chaapne ka kaam ho raha tha show mein after the unit got to know that it was ending soon. I spoke the truth aur tumko itni mirchi lagi. Ek senior artiste ko tum log itni nasty tarah se bol rahe ho, wakai tumhari akal ghutne mein hi hai. The ratings increased after my entry. There must be a reason why I was brought on the show.”

Talking about the atmosphere on the set while she was shooting, Shilpa said, “Gulki was the only one who was not interested in shooting for the show when she learnt that the first season was coming to an end”

Reacting to Gulki’s comments, Shilpa said, “It’s a joke. Who is Gulki Joshi and what has she done in her career? She has become popular because of me. Given my remuneration, it’s not easy to afford me.” Shilpa said the one lesson she has learnt from this incident is, “I will only play the lead role from now on. Mujhe doosre logon ko meri wajah se footage nahi dena hai.”

Gulki Joshi: Shilpa put up a video against us to remain in the limelight
When we reached out to Gulki, she said, “Shilpa started shooting with us and we were cordial. She shot for about a week and one more day to wrap up her track. Apparently, she was angry on the last day of the shoot. In an interview, she said our show was wrapping up and hum chhapne ka kaam karte hain, actors ka mann nahi hai kaam karne mein. I don’t know what prompted her to say these things. Around the same time, I was asked about it in an interview and I said that if we were disinterested, the show wouldn’t have run for so long and the audience is a better judge of who is deserving and who isn’t. That was it! I am still trying to figure out how that was so offensive that she posted a video making nasty comments about us, and even abusing us.”

Gulki added, “I don’t think it was a personal attack. It was done so that she remains in the limelight, and everyone talks about her. These comments can’t affect us. Woh kuchh bhi bol le, but the amount of love that I am being showered upon because of this controversy is beyond belief. Meri following badha dee hai usne. So, thank you Shilpa Shinde. I hope you heal from everything that’s making you behave like this.”



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