This was confirmed on Thursday by its new manager David Grier after Judge John O’Connor in the Circuit Civil Court accepted his undertaking that no shadow directors would be permitted to have any part in the day-to-day running of the premises.

Barrister Dorothy Collins, counsel for the venue, told Judge O’Connor the district court had refused to renew the pub-restaurant’s license after the Covid breach and it had remained shut for the past two years.

Ms Collins, who appeared with Ronan Brennan of Brennan Solicitors, said she was applying for a new seven-day pub, restaurant and singing license for the updated Berlin Bar, which is owned by Trillium Leisure Limited, on the basis of the extinguishment of a Co Galway pub licence.

She told the court Garda Inspector John Finucane had withdrawn his objection to the re-opening of the pub at 15/16 Dame Street and Dame Lane on strict undertakings the premises would be run in accordance with law and that no directors or shareholders would have anything to do with day-to-day management.

Counsel for the gardaí said they had accepted the bona fides of the new manager Mr Grier, who had managed leading pub-restaurants in Germany, Spain and Ireland and Shane Santry of SSA Architects outlined interior improvements to the premises.

The court had heard the bar’s operating licenses were refused following the Covid boozy brunch where staff had been shown online flouting health guidelines and where a masked staff member danced on the bar as he poured shots into the mouths of dancing customers over a three-hour afternoon period.

More than 40 guests had attended what had been advertised as “a Very Boozy Baked Brunch With Your Buds” during the height of Covid 19 health restrictions, where members of the public had been advised not to mix in crowds, stay mainly at home if possible and keep a 2m distance while wearing masks.

Judge O’Connor granted the new license after accepting Mr Grier’s undertaking on oath that no shadow directors would be tolerated participating in the running of the bar/restaurant. Mr Grier confirmed following the court hearing that the premises would re-open on Friday.



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