The highly anticipated HBO adaptation of The Last of Us may have only aired four episodes so far, but has regardless drawn widespread acclaim and exceeded the expectations of existing fans and new ones alike. While TechRadar’s own review of the series might not have felt fully convinced at the time, on-screen the series has appeared to go from strength to strength with the release of each episode.

Particular praise for the series thus far has focused on how impressively it has made the transition from a video game to another screen medium, a transition that has seen other recent examples such as the Uncharted film and Halo TV series fall short of their source material’s quality.

HBO’s The Last of Us discovers a unique, winning balance between a faithful maintenance of the original story’s core heart and a willingness to explore the source material in new ways which prove that The Last of Us still has a lot left to teach us all.

(Image credit: Future / James Cutler)

With the original games’ writer and director, Neil Druckmann, heavily involved in production of the HBO reimagining, existing franchise fans might have assumed that the adaptation would come with few changes from the source material.



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