Most anyone who uses a Mac day to day likely already knows the power of the Command-space command to get things done. But there are other, lesser-known ways, of being even more productive on a Mac.

Here are six of my favorite lesser-known tips.

Get out the way

Try this: Command-Option click any visible part of your Desktop and all the windows from all your open applications will disappear. It’s the easiest way to get there. Then use Command-Tab (App Switcher) to bring forward and get to the ones you need to work with.

Select text easily, one word at a time

When working with text, tap Option+left/right to tab through your copy one word at a time. Press shift at the same time to select the word — keep pressing and tapping to select more than one word. This is a super easy way to get to the right word when working with/editing documents.

Save time when you Save

If you work on multiple projects and save your content across multiple folders, it can become quite annoying to find the correct folder when saving a file.

You don’t have to do it that way; there’s a built-in Unix command to make life a little easier: When saving a file, type a / in the Save dialog box and you will be able to find your way to the correct folder from within that dialog.

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