The former head coach-turned-analyst has had enough of talking about “America’s Team.”

For decades, the Cowboys have been known—affectionately by their fans and with disdain by their detractors—as “America’s Team.” And Herm Edwards has had enough of it.

The former NFL and college head coach—now back at ESPN as an analyst—expressed his frustration with all the attention the Cowboys get on his network during Tuesday’s First Take show, decrying the need to discuss Dallas during a segment in which the show was speculating on the top Super Bowl contenders for next season.

ESPN had the Cowboys slotted in at No. 6, which drew Edwards’s ire and had him questioning why the segment didn’t simply stop at the top five.

“It’s always about the Cowboys,” Edwards said. “We have to talk about these guys all the time … why do we have the Cowboys even in the conversation at No. 6? Why don’t we go to No. 7?”

It’s no surprise that the man who went viral before that phrase even entered the lexicon (we all still remember “You play to win the game!”) had his theatrics dialed up to 10 as he lamented all the Cowboys attention occupying the airtime.

There’s certainly some merit to Edwards’s position. The Cowboys last won the Super Bowl in 1995 and haven’t even made it past the divisional round since. But, this being an entertainment business first and foremost, Dallas remains among the most popular and valuable sports franchises in the world, so he’s better off getting used to having the Cowboys as a top discussion point for the foreseeable future.

Still, for as many fans as Dallas has, they have even more haters. So Edwards likely had his fair share of supporters during his impassioned rant.

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