will get the chance to shake on his bet with tomorrow night as the American flys out to London to face off with Tommy Fury at the Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde show. Tyson says that he will retire his brother from the sport if he loses to Paul when they fight each other on February 26 in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia and The Problem Child intends to make that promise official.

However, TNT will have a thing or two to say about that. Speaking for the first time since the official announcement of their long-awaited grudge match, Tommy said: “Jake Paul’s boxing career ends on February 26th and I can finally move on with mine. Every time I go out right now, everybody asks me about the Jake Paul fight. After this fight is done, everybody will be asking me how it felt to knock Jake Paul out.

“The world is about to see what happens when a proper boxer faces a YouTuber. I am a professional boxer, I have had 8 undefeated bouts, soon to be 9! Jake Paul will regret ever thinking he could take me on. I will put him in his place, the canvas!”

Paul wants Fury to change his name and retire if he wins the fight and is hoping his heavyweight champion brother and father John will agree to making the bet with him. In a statement after the fight was announced, Paul said: “After multiple failed attempts to get Tommy Fury in the ring, the moment of truth has finally arrived. Fumbles has no excuses now. Baby is born. Money is massive. Immigration is not an issue. Sunday February 26, Paul vs Fury is live on ESPN+ PPV in the US and BT Sport Box Office in the UK.

“Tyson Fury has promised he and Papa John will make Tommy retire from boxing and change his last name forever if he can’t beat the YouTuber. Saturday (tomorrow) I’m coming to London to look at all three Fury’s in the eye and shake on that promise.” A loss for Tommy is non-negotiable with his family name on the line. Big brother Tyson has said recently that if Tommy loses the fight then he will retire the ex-Love Island star from the sport.

Father John, made similar comments when asked what would happen if his son was to lose to the YouTube star. “There is no more boxing for him if he loses. But, I am 100 per cent confident he will knock him out,” he told talkSPORT.

“It’s a big ask for Jake Paul, because Tommy is much better than what he’s faced before, so fair do’s to him. It’s a foregone conclusion that Tommy will win.

“We are not leaving a stone unturned and are training as if this were against a world-class fighter. He’s working really well.”

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