The NSW Coalition’s initiative won’t see poker machine reform until after the 2027 election — and that’s not soon enough, say crossbench hopefuls.

Dominic Perrottet NSW
NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

The NSW Coalition has been criticised by candidates hoping to join the crossbench for being too slow to present its policy plan to reform pokies. 

Premier Dominic Perrottet announced the changes his team would make it if it retained government after the March 25 election, vowing to make all poker machines cashless by New Year’s Eve 2028. 

The plan, which the Coalition claims would “eliminate money laundering at pubs and clubs”, goes further than Labor’s proposal to hold a mandatory trial at 500 machines next year. But several independent candidates whose support could become vital for whichever party wins said the Coalition plan was too cautious and too late. 

Read more about the faint praise for Perrottet’s move.

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