John Kirby has obviously been giving a larger role in the regular White House briefings, with Karine Jean-Pierre getting a bit of a break. Monday was another example of that:

It seems that the White House press secretary wasn’t eager to address questions:

At issue is the increasing number of “unidentified object” incursions going on in various parts of the country:

An unidentified object shot down Sunday over Lake Huron — the fourth flying object in less than two weeks to have been downed over North American airspace — was described earlier Sunday by a senior administration official as an octagonal structure with strings hanging off but no discernible payload.

VanHerck described the objects shot down Friday, Saturday and Sunday by North American forces as being similar in size and shape. One issue in getting a better description, he said, is that fighter jets are traveling at relatively high speeds when eyes are put on them, at roughly 200 mph compared with objects that are aloft but otherwise nearly static.

Those three remained a mystery in contrast to the Feb. 4 takedown of aircraft believed to belong to the People’s Republic of China, Melissa Dalton, assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and hemispheric affairs, said during Sunday’s briefing.

What’s going on?

Kirby tried to get the mostly loyal media to report how the Biden administration has managed to uncover and track what the previous administration allegedly couldn’t. How? By essentially blaming Trump:

Does anybody else smell manure?

That wouldn’t be surprising.

Good question, but KJP or Kirby probably won’t answer it.

And then they decided to try and blame the Trump administration. What a sad and desperate joke.



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