The Voice to Parliament decision will expose ‘how all Australians see themselves as a nation and how they’re perceived in the world’.

Uluru Dialogue co-chair Pat Anderson speaking at the National Indigenous Constitutional Convention in Uluru, 2017 (Image: AAP/Lucy Hughes Jones)

Pat Anderson doesn’t remember how old she was the day she sat in a hospital waiting room next to her father, her small bare feet dangling above the floor. But she does remember, with devastating clarity, patient after patient being attended to before her as her affliction tightened its grip.

“Eventually, my father took me up to the desk. He said, ‘Sister, I think it’s my daughter’s turn to be seen by the doctor; we’ve been here for some time and she’s now vomiting,’ ” Anderson told me.

“And to this day, I can still hear that woman saying loudly: ‘Oh, Mr Anderson! We didn’t realise she was with you!’”

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