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AAP is reporting that a man has died and another is in hospital after falling from a cliff on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

Police said the 24-year-old men from NSW were climbing a cliff face in Cape Schanck, just off the Two Bays walking track at Bushrangers Bay, when they fell about 7pm on Friday.

CPR was performed on one of the men, but he died at the scene.

The surviving man was taken to hospital where he is being treated for injuries.

An investigation is under way to determine what caused the fall, however police said it is not being treated as suspicious.

Marcus Stewart, head of the largest elected Aboriginal organisation in Australia, the First ­Peoples Assembly of Victoria, has spoken to the Australian today, saying that the “vast majority” of Indigenous communities around the country want a voice to parliament.

Speaking after a week in which the potential Voice has faced some opposition at Invasion Day rallies, Stewart said he did not attend the rallies because he knew that a “handful of wreckers” intended to speak out.

The Aboriginal community is not a homogenous group – we have a variety of opinions and everyone is entitled to share their views, but we can’t loose perspective that the vast majority of Aboriginal people want a voice to parliament.

Having a voice is about putting Aboriginal people in the driver’s seat. We want to be able to make the decisions that affect our communities and culture and our land.

Jim Chalmers says budget will have ‘much bugger focus’ on disadvantage

Federal treasurer Jim Chalmers was on the Guardian’s political podcast, where he said he will use the May budget to push for a “much bigger focus” on addressing disadvantage in Australia’s most vulnerable communities.

He said he was working with the social services minister, Amanda Rishworth, on a new series of measures that would look to empower communities struggling with disadvantage:

I have always thought if I get a crack at a job like the one I have now, and I know Amanda [Rishworth] and others think the same way … the best way to shift the needle on entrenched disadvantage is to go where it is most prevalent.

There’s a lot of great work going on around the community, in the philanthropic sector and in other places. We want to show some leadership here if we can … [and] this is something I care deeply about.

You think about an unemployment rate of 3.5% – there are still people who are not accessing the opportunity of an economy that is creating the fastest jobs growth for the first six months of the Albanese government of any government on record.

You can read more on his interview at the link below:

Good morning, Mostafa Rachwani with you this morning, to take you through the news today.

Father was ‘misused by people’, says Novak Djokovic

Henry Belot

Novak Djokovic says his father was “misused by this group of people” after Djokovic Sr was absent from his son’s semi-final victory in the Australian Open last night.

Djokovic has admitted that the scrutiny around his father, Srdjan Djokovic, at the Australian Open affected him in the build up to his semi-final victory over Tommy Paul last night.

Djokovic Sr had been filmed after Djokovic’s quarter-final taking a photograph with a spectator who wore a “Z” symbol T-shirt and held a Russian flag containing a photo of Vladimir Putin’s face. “It has got to me, of course,” said Djokovic. “I was not aware of it till last night. Then, of course, I was not pleased to see that.”

Robert Horvath, a specialist in Russian politics at La Trobe University, said the Putin supporters who posed with Djokovic’s father were determined to “create the impression of a groundswell of overseas support for the Putin regime and its war in Ukraine”.

“Novak’s father’s actions have been misrepresented on some pro-Kremlin Russian nationalist platforms such as Tsargrad TV, which claims that he addressed Zaldostanov and declared ‘long live Russians’,” Horvath said.

“Some coverage has taken the line that the western media is vilifying Novak’s father.”

Novak Djokovic at a press conference after winning his semi-final match against Tommy Paul.
Novak Djokovic at a press conference after winning his semi-final match against Tommy Paul. Photograph: Loren Elliott/Reuters

Meanwhile, a Djokovic fan who wore a black T-shirt with the “Z” symbol at the Australian Open earlier this week – a sign of support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – was allowed to return to watch the semi-final on Friday night.

A supporter of Serbia’s Novak Djokovic – in the white T-shirt – was allowed back to Melbourne Park after wearing a black T-shirt with the ‘Z’ symbol at the Australian Open earlier this week.
A supporter of Serbia’s Novak Djokovic – in the white T-shirt – was allowed back to Melbourne Park after wearing a black T-shirt with the ‘Z’ symbol at the Australian Open earlier this week. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images

Ukrainian player Alex Dolgopolov has previously called for the Djokovic fan to be permanently banned from the grand slam, tweeting: “this guy will get banned for life, at least for all Australian events, right?”.

Australian Open officials escorted the man away from his front-row seats towards the end of Djokovic’s last set against American Tommy Paul, but, after a brief discussion, he was allowed to return to his seats.

Tennis Australia was contacted for comment. Earlier this week, a spokesperson urged players and their teams to avoid situations that “have the potential to disrupt” the Australian Open. Russian flags and symbols have been banned at the tournament.

The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations co-chair, Stefan Romaniw, said Tennis Australia needed to be vigilant about enforcing its rules.

“There will always be those who will constantly test the system. Tennis Australia must be diligent and remove anyone who is not abiding by the rules,” Romaniw said.

Police officers and security kept watch of celebrations outside Rod Laver on Friday night, where Novak Djokovic’s father had posed with Putin supporting Russian flags earlier in the week. One of those supporters was wearing a similar shirt with the “Z” logo.

There’s a row of police and security checking for Russian flags where they were on display earlier this week. None around, Djokovic fans having a ball.

— Henry Belot (@Henry_Belot) January 27, 2023


Good morning and welcome to the live blog. I’m Martin Farrer and here are the main breaking stories overnight.

In an interview with Guardian Australia, Jim Chalmers has promised to use the May budget to tackle entrenched disadvantage in Australia’s most vulnerable communities to ensure people have better pathways to economic participation. The treasurer told our weekly politics podcast that he was working with the social services minister, Amanda Rishworth, on a new package that would “identify some of the most vulnerable communities in our country, work out how to empower local leaders and pool our resources and make a meaningful difference to some on the entrenched disadvantage that’s in our country”.

Hazardous material experts are combing a remote highway in Western Australia for a tiny radioactive capsule that has gone missing as it was transported from a mine. The 8mm by 6mm capsule, which is believed to have fallen from a truck as it was travelling the 1,400km between a mine site north of Newman in the Pilbara and a depot in Perth, has the potential to cause skin burns. Drones able to detect radiation have been deployed in the search.

Auckland has been placed in a state of emergency after torrential rain caused widespread flooding and brought chaos to the city. Homes have been evacuated amid a deluge that has blocked motorways, flooded roads and neighbourhoods, forced the closure of city’s airport and huge disruption to flights, and prompted organisers to cancel a scheduled concert by Elton John, leaving many concertgoers stranded.

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