I’ve always do a lot of foam rolling leading up to the race. The IT bands get really tight, so I just want to make sure I’m going into it pretty loose. Foam rolling is a big thing.

I like to have everything ready the night before so that my morning isn’t as hectic. I may have to wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning since the starting line may be an hour away, for example, at a state park where there isn’t any lodging nearby. I’ll make sure that my gear is all good, my watches are charged before I go to sleep. (Check out my review of the Apple Watch Ultra vs. the Coros 2 Vertix.)

In the morning, I’ll try and eat some oatmeal, maybe a couple pieces of toast and a banana. I brush my teeth one final time because by the end of [the race] my mouth just tastes like sugar. I’ve got a ton of hair, so I have to put my hair up, probably just in a braid.

I always put on makeup for a race, just because it lets me know I’m about to do something I really care about, like it’s something important to me. I want to show up feeling good. I always use sunscreen everywhere, probably even a zinc-based sunscreen if it seems like I’ll be exposed. I use SuperGoop sunscreen for my face, and then I do the whole thing — foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick.

You kind of have to figure out your outfit ahead of time. Starting from the top, if it’s not going to be cold, I don’t worry about any headbands or anything like that. I’ll wear a Brooks sports bra, and then the Brooks Method 5-inch short tights. They have three pockets in them where I can put my phone and other things.

I use KT Tape under my sports bra so that I don’t chafe, and on my back as well. And then I also use A+D diaper cream to avoid chafing between my thighs and on my right arm since it gets a little chafed there from the sports bra.

I often wear what’s called a fuel belt, and then I won’t wear a shirt until nighttime. If I do wear a shirt, it’ll just be another light Brooks top. I wear Feetures socks, and then for shoes I’m going with Asics Trail shoes. I have two Asics I often wear: the Asics Trail and the Asics Road GT 2000.

There might be a hat in there. To be safe, I also often bring my Tifosi sunglasses.

If I am going to put on a shirt anytime throughout the day, it’s better to not have my bib on my sports bra or I’ll be wasting time trying to figure out how to get it off. So I’ll put my bib on my shorts and make sure everything is positioned right so nothing’s rubbing against me.

Once I get up to the starting line, I don’t really stretch a whole lot. I kind of just go. You’ve got plenty of time to warm up in a hundred miles.

During the race: survival

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