We’ve known for a while that zinc helps hair and that why you are advised to have wheat germ, pumpkin seeds and even oysters. You also know that omega 3 is a wonderful happy hair nutrient, as it helps condition the scalp from within. Also that vitamins: A, biotin and B 12 are holy grail for shiny, good looking shafts. But the super food in this list that you probably don’t know about is Soy.


Research reveals that consuming soy milk and other soy products could actually help reduce hair loss. Yes, a solution available right there in your pantry, and every supermarket shelf. And although soy is not a magic bullet – it’s not as if you’ll go to sleep with sparse hair and get up with flowing hair – but eating soy products studies show clearly that not only strengthens the hair but also helps it to grow. That’s because soy pro-tein helps to improve your hair’s ability to retain moisture and isoflavones in it help prevent hair loss. Listen in future Rapunzels.

Chomp it cues
Agreed soy can be a bit of an acquired taste but it’s worth a try for the benefits. If you are wondering how to incorporate it in your daily diet, try these suggestions:

Mix 2 large bananas, 2 cups chocolate soy milk and 1/4-cup soy nut butter in a blender until thoroughly smooth. Refrigerate and shake well before serving.
Combine mustard, honey, vinegar, turmeric, onion powder, celery seed and pepper in a small dish. Pour over crumbled tofu and mash together well. Add the celery and green pepper and mix well. Let it chill for a few hours to blend the flavours well.

Or try the tofu ice-cream – Blend 16 0z soft tofu, 1 cup soy milk, half cup vegetable oil, one fourth cup cocoa, 1 tbsp vanilla essence and 1/8th tsp salt with an electric mixer until smooth and creamy. Freeze for a yummy, if a little unusual ice cream.
Hot tip> replace milk with soy milk when you make soups – try with tomato, mushroom and carrot soup – the flavour blends well.

What you always knew?
Soy is a low-carbohydrate source of high quality protein that gives satiety (meaning your appetite stays satisfied for longer and cravings are re-duced); it also stabilises blood sugars, which in turn helps balance the hormones that influence weight gain. Research also suggests that consum-ing soy protein may help protect bones from becoming weak and brittle and its antioxidants give it anti cancer properties too. Also there are some re-ports out about the heart health benefits it bestows. A complete win win, wouldn’t you agree!

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