Summarize this content to 100 words A lot is happening in Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure Right now. Recently, a Valentine’s event went live which saw Cupid go missing in Wonderland because he was feeling lonely. Ally being the helpful person she is decided to make gifts for him. Her caring nature will once again come in handy as a little mermaid needs some support.
The little mermaid is one of Alice’s best friends in Wonderland. Unfortunately, her entire home was lost when the sea floor was destroyed, leaving her family in a tough spot. Ally would never leave a buddy alone and so, she decided to use the merging powers to do some good as always. Which means, it’s time to renovate.
Players must follow a step-by-step procedure of recreating the entire sea bed. We begin with the coral reefs, where the little mermaid played with all her sisters. Once it is restored, the reefs can be decorated with fossils and pearls. Sooner than later, the fish will return and the mermaids can play once again.
Next on the list is the Sea Witch’s house. Sure, she may sound like a villain and in the past went down the path of villainy. But since then, she’s reformed herself and no one needs to be afraid of her. She now helps all the mermaids so she deserves a home for herself too.
The final thing that needs to be repaired is the little mermaid’s home itself, a grand castle. It has become a shell of itself but everyone knows the tales of its grandeur. Renovating the castle will be the toughest task of them all, but nothing the merging power cannot solve.
Help little Ally support her best friend by rebuilding the entire seabed and earn some lovely pearly decoration in the process. You can download Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure for free using either of the links below.
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