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When the Dead Space remake was released last month, it exceeded expectations. It’s easily one of the best video game remakes. It not only stayed faithful to the original, it also added new content that seamlessly integrated itself into the sci-fi horror game.One fun addition to the Dead Space remake are Easter eggs that unlock upgrade items or additional pieces to the game’s storyline. Placed throughout the USG Ishimura are red circles with symbols on them. Players who follow the steps laid out by the symbols will unlock the Easter eggs.
There are several Easter eggs, but one that’s grabbed players’ attention is the ability to unlock a sea shanty about the haunted ship.
How to find the sea shanty audio log To find the sea shanty Easter egg, players will have to wait until they reach Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent. This will give players access to the Bridge section of the Ishimura, where there are two elevators in the center of the Main Atrium. Where to find the break room on the bridge.
Electronic Arts; screenshot by Oscar Gonzalez
After taking down the Brute, one of the larger monsters in the game, players can head into the elevator and proceed to Floor 1. On this first floor there’s a break room. Instead of having snacks and comfy chairs, it has a bloody shrine dedicated to the Marker, which is the artifact responsible for the horrors happening on the ship. Don’t spend too much time in the break room. 
Electronic Arts; screenshot by Oscar Gonzalez
What’s important for this Easter egg is the bloody circle on the ground in front of the monitor showing the Marker. There are two symbols seen in the circle: a foot and a hand. The foot represents the stomp Issac can perform, and the hand is for a melee attack. A close-up of the bloody circle, showing feet and hand prints.
Electronic Arts; screenshot by Oscar Gonzalez
By going clockwise starting at the top of the circle and doing a combination of stomps and melee attacks, you’ll unlock a secret item. You can tell this has been accomplished, as there’s a quick glitch that appears on the monitor and a haunting sound effect plays. For the sea shanty audio log, players will have to do the following while in the circle: Melee – stomp – melee – melee – stomp – melee -stomp – melee – melee – melee – melee – stompThe audio log will drop out of nowhere. Take a listen to the crew of the Ishimura singing a disturbing sea shanty.Now the sea shanty is available to play anytime. 
Electronic Arts; screenshot by Oscar Gonzalez
Dead Space is out on PC for $60 and on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles for $70. 

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