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Far Cry 7 is reportedly in development utilizing The Division 2’s Snowdrop game engine.Yesterday on January 26, Kotaku (opens in new tab) followed up on a rumor claiming that Far Cry 7, as well as a standalone multiplayer spin-off game in the series, were both in development at Ubisoft. Lending credibility to the rumor, Kotaku managed to confirm that both projects were currently in development at Ubisoft.Chiefly, the outlet confirmed that Far Cry 7 would be ditching its current Dunia game engine for Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine. For those unfamiliar with the engine, it’s what The Division 2 is built on, and what the forthcoming Ubisoft Star Wars game will utilize when it eventually releases.Kotaku also managed to confirm that Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot quietly referenced both new Far Cry games at an internal company-wide update last week. However, it doesn’t appear that Kotaku can attribute any specific comments from Guillemot to either of the new Far Cry games in particular.Finally, the outlet reports that Ubisoft has been trying to make an entirely multiplayer Far Cry game for “years.” Past attempts to pull this off have largely failed, with some being morphed into other multiplayer games at Ubisoft, hence why we’ve never seen this before from the Far Cry franchise.Far Cry 6 was the last mainline entry in Ubisoft’s series, launching in late 2021, and followed up by a slew of post-launch expansions, culminating in the Lost Between Worlds DLC in November 2022. Check out our Far Cry 6 review to see what we made of the latest entry in the franchise. Head over to our new games 2023 guide for a look at all the confirmed games set to launch this year. 

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