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As the finale to a massively popular YA dystopian trilogy (Divergent), Allegiant by Veronica Roth will always hold a special place in my heart. I think we can all agree this book is heart-shattering, frustrating and cruel — but in the best way. The present-tense, first-person narrative makes you feel as though you are right there beside the characters as they navigate the twists and trials of their warped world. In this world of Divergent, likely set in the 23rd or 24th century (this is never explicitly stated, but can be inferred), civilisation has been reduced down to a single city, surrounded
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by high, fortress-like walls — keeping people in or keeping the outside out. Within this city, every person belongs to one of five ‘factions’ focusing on a specific personality trait: kindness, selflessness, intelligence, honesty, and courage. This was designed to maintain peace; however, like all dystopian novels, nothing is ever as peaceful as it seems.
Being the conclusion to such an action-packed trilogy, Allegiant is fast-paced and, although tragic, endlessly captivating. The reception of Allegiant has been somewhat mixed; however, as far as I’m concerned, it remains one of my favourite dystopian novels. Although many readers were disappointed, I believe that the injustice and imperfections of this book make it even more engaging. The best books are, after all, the ones that make us feel something — and this certainly did that.
Although ten years have passed since this phenomenal trilogy ended, there is something limitless about this dystopian world. Themes of love, friendship, fighting for what you believe in, and sacrificing everything for those you love are always desirable and, paired with a raw and intimate writing style, I don’t imagine Allegiant will stop being read any time soon. Coming from the same period as books like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and The Mortal Instruments, Allegiant (and the first two books in the series) is a must-read for lovers of dystopian novels. The fact that the second half of the film was never made is a great disservice to this thrilling finale.
Watch the movie trailer for Divergent here, via The Dollar Theatre:

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