Summarize this content to 100 words Max Jury will release new album ‘Avenues’ on March 31st.The new record was sculpted in North Carolina, with sessions taking place both in lockdown, and within our emerging freedoms. Out on March 31st, its maker labels the LP “the album I’ve always wanted to make…”Discussing the record, he adds: “It’s the closest I’ve come to being my true self as an artist, and it re-inspired me to keep pursuing this whole music thing. It’s about self-reflection and discovery, it’s about rebirth, and it’s about not giving up on a dream. But most importantly it’s about being present for the journey.” Airing material at an intimate London residency at the historic Slaughtered Lamb venue, it’s led by beautiful new song ‘Peace Of Mind’. Crafted alongside London Grammar’s Dan Rothman, it was built in London, where Max spends so much of his time.Bucolic yet also introspective, it points to what lies ahead on the incoming album. “‘Peace Of Mind’ is a song about trying to keep yourself together and find some sanity in an increasingly crazy world,” Max said of the track. “It’s about being overwhelmed by everything that has been unfolding and how disconnected and individualistic our society has become.” There’s also a short performance clip available online, with Max taking lead for the shoot. “I wanted to do a performance video with ‘Peace Of Mind,’” Max said of the video. “Something that helped push the energy and sentiment of the song across, but also fun and didn’t take itself too seriously. In some ways, ‘Peace Of Mind’ is about the barriers technology puts between us, so I thought it was a clever idea!”Tune in now.Photo Credit: Yasmin Cowan

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