Summarize this content to 100 words Indigo De Souza is back. The songwriter’s 2021 album ‘Any Shape You Take’ took critics by storm, a stark song cycle that dared to be open.New album ‘All of This Will End’ is out on April 28th via Saddle Creek, and it finds the North Carolina maverick embarking on a fresh phase of personal evolution. The projects led by new song ‘Young & Dumber’, which finds Indigo revelling in a newfound sense of warmth. Eager to clarity and proud of her work, Indigo De Souza has shared a full note explaining the song’s genesis – find it below.‘Younger And Dumber’ is a flood beam of my emotional and spiritual human experience. My growing up defeated by a world brutally littered with trash, violence and grief, and somehow finding beauty, purpose, and boundless love existing in the same place. This song felt really emotionally intense for me when I wrote it. I was sitting in my house and it kind of flowed right to me as if it had already been written by some other force. A lot of the lyrics are a nod to the idea that your experiences make you who you are. I endured some heavy darkness and dysfunction when I was a teenager. But if I hadn’t been through those things, I wouldn’t be who I am now. When you’re young, you don’t know any better, but you learn from your experiences, and then you become somebody who’s been alive and learning. It’s also about how heartbreaking that is; to start as a child with vivid curiosity, innocent imagination and joy, and for the world to end up being kind of brutal to be a part of. This song is a love letter to everyone’s inner child. No one can prepare us for how insane it is to be alive. How many times we will have to rise from the ashes and what courage it will take.The full video is out now, and it’s truly remarkable. Indigo creative directs the clip, featuring clothing crafted by the songwriter and her mother, Kimberly Oberhammer; the mask is the work of Henry Shearon. The twist? The entire shoot took place while Indigo De Souza was tripping on mushrooms. Another note, and yet more revelations:“I took psilocybin for the shoot. I have a very specific way of dancing when I’m on mushrooms. The movements feel like electricity rising up from the earth through ancient networks of mycelium. It feels like the trees and plants are moving my body for me and I am just surrendering. It feels so clear to me now more than ever, how important it is to unabashedly embody my truest spirit. Because I am not special, and I’m fleeting, and it feels like it’s my purpose to help mobilize others to come home to themselves. To wake from our societal sleepwalk and consider the importance in creating deep connection within community and relationships. To find a preciousness in the time we have and the earth we’re nourished by. To see nature in all its primordial magic, as something to learn from and grow with. Something to protect.”So, tap in below.Tracklisting:1. Time Back2. You Can Be Mean3. Losing4. Wasting Your Time5. Parking Lot6. All of This Will End7. Smog8. The Water9. Always10. Not My Body11. Younger & DumberPhoto Credit: Angella Choe

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